Great Halloween Lantern Parade
Friends of Patterson Park / Creative Alliance
Creator / Director - Molly Ross
October 2006

This is Baltimore's Best Parade. And that is saying something, we like parades here. Well, who doesn't?
Hundreds of school aged children paint and create their own handheld lanterns during the weeks prior to the parade. On the evening of the parade, the children and their lanterns are joined by several bands, Stiltwalkers dressed as giant dancing skeletons, and many large scale lanterns created by the studio of Molly Ross, Nana Projects Studio.
Molly is the Creative force behind the parade. The parade wends its way through beautiful Patterson Park for a mile and ends at the hillside at the base of the pagoda, where thousands of spectators are waiting for the finale to begin.
The finale is a "Magic Lantern Show" by Nana Projects, moveable transparencies on three projectors are beamed onto a large screen and cross faded between to tell a story lasting almost 30 minutes. The 2006 story was Poe's The Raven, It is the image on the top half of the screen in the picture below.
My job for this parade was the lighting of the stage for the finale, We created a giant Lantern out of a 40'high x 40'wide x 20'deep scaffold and wrapped it on three sides with a light white cloth, Hanging the Projection Screen on the top half of the Front of the rig.
It was a horrible rain during the entire load-in, but the cheers of the 4000 spectators made that seem worth it.
Photo by Me. I know it is a little blurry, But I was wet, and it was cold. Look at those colors though
The lower photo is Courtesy of Creative Alliance

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