The Fantasticks
Rep Stage - Columbia, MD
Director - Nancy Tarr Hart
May 2014

I don't usually put this many pictures up on a page, but this was such an enjoyable experience.
Nice people. Great cast. Fun show.

Henry and Mortimer made me laugh. The Fathers were great. The Mute made me think.
And, Matt, Luisa, and El Gallo got their songs firmly stuck in my head.

I mean, seriously stuck in my head - I am waking up in the mornings with "Much More", "I Can See It",
and "Try To Remember" going through my brain.
Someone help. Please.

Cast: El Gallo - Paul Edward Hope; Luisa - Stephanie Schmalzle; Matt - Benjamin Lurye; The Mute - Lynette Rathnam; Bellamy - Darren McDonnell; Hucklebee - Michael Bunce; Henry - Nigel Reed; Mortimer - Peter Boyer
Photos by me, taken at Wednesday photo call before Saturday opening.

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